Letra de Lovelorn

At Dawn They Sleep

Letra de Lovelorn de At Dawn They Sleep
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Letra de Lovelorn de At Dawn They Sleep.

( At Dawn They Sleep )

"i'm the pain of the hollow ground,
i'm the morning mist
i'm the leaves of the autumn time,
i'm the wintersun"
Despair of your heart will feed my needs
i need you now, i need your disbelief
over the crowd will message of the night
hunt for your heart
will you be mine?
Do you know me? will you come with me?
am i the one you've been looking for?
am i real?
come with me like a stream, dream along,
come on
i'll be waiting for you
Do you feel me? will you abandon me?
am i the fear you cannot feel?
I'm just the lovelorn girl...
Come with me like a wind, dream along
forsake your god, forsake yourself...
And at the end i will rule