Letra de The return

At All Cost

Letra de The return de At All Cost
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Letra de The return de At All Cost.

( At All Cost )

This is the return, a time for change and things have not, this is
the return to the roots and movements of our mothers and fathers.
It´s power to the people and 2 years of protested war makes this
country´s dose something that´s lethal,
This country´s voice is to be heard.
Can you hear me?
The resistance of the system.
The saul alynskies and the allen ginsbergs of the 2-1 era.
Human rights will return, don´t say "well maybe".
Our 1st amendments will return.
Make these walls respect, or they shall burn.
This is a breakdown, this is a roll call, will you join the fight?
The true power of protest.
Can you hear the battle cries?
By the dawn´s early light.
What so proudly we would hail breaks down before our eyes.
The return is the first step, we have the pen so now let´s write,
our history.
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