Letra de History of the shades


Letra de History of the shades de Arke
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Letra de History of the shades de Arke.

( Arke )

Walking in the cemetery,
he went listening their music...

(Cradle of Filth);
in that, of the tombs,
the soul of a girl came out
that the one laughing the he called.

The shades have called it,
the girl him had looked,
but to of being afraid as the other ones...
the history of the shades.

(History of the Shades)
Don't think that God saved you,
because you don't have the enough faith.

The darkness him had defeated
because the small soul him had looked
not to of existing,
alone it is a spirit of the error,
but their faith to dead...
it was a fool.

I turn off their music and it continues walking,
Because he is afraid of seeing the girl's look,
he looked around to your to the...
you had lost in the shades.


Poor type, never appeared... (X3)

He got lost...
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