Letra de I want you both (with me)


Letra de I want you both (with me) de Anvil
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( Anvil )

I met a girl, her name was aund, she said
how do you do?
i think you're lookin good, like your style
i wanna get down on you
she took me home
she got me stoned
we rocked all night
i said honey now that's what i like
Decision - i don't know what to do
i think that i'm in love with both of you
i know i must decide which one it will be
but i want you both - i want you with me
so c'mon i want you both with me
I met another her name was sil
you know that she looked so fine
i saw her walkin' on up ahead
wow, she blew my mind
i wanna hold her tight
and get down all night
but she's so cold to me
i said honey now why can't she see
why can't you see?
I want you both with me
Well sil she's nice but she's so hard to know
and she puts me down
the other loves me and she lets it show, so
she's hanging around
i guess i'll make the most
and i'll see them both
'cause they suit me fine you know honey
that i lay them all the time