Letra de Winged assassins


Letra de Winged assassins de Anvil
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( Anvil )

Machines made for killing at mach speed and more
sleek in design and loaded for war
sidewinding missiles, heat-seeks and sparrows
strafing squadrons cause havoc and terror
Winged assassins - seek their prey
Camouflage colours impair observation
insignia painted depicting its nation
defying detection at low altitude
penetrate, attack, evade and elude
Soaring death - taking lives
no escape - widows weep
Winged assassins - seek their prey
Radar is sweeping and scanning the skies
searching out targets with infrared eyes
enemy forces appear on the screen
computers lock in, all systems are green
Formation - orders, permission to arm
closing in - to make the kill
Trigger in hand, blood lust in his heart
the pilot is ready to play out his part
underwing stores await a demand
releasing the arsenal upon his command
Soaring death - taking lives
no escape - widows weep
Permission is given to unleash the power
rockets home in, strike and devour
wreckage falls helpless rolling in flames
another life wasted in some general's games
Task complete - honours awaiting heroes
painted scrap - awarding murder
Winged assassins - seek their prey

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