Letra de Promise of a friend

Antigone Rising

Letra de Promise of a friend de Antigone Rising
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( Antigone Rising )

Blue tomorrows all your sorrows falling down like rain
roses grow and waters flow to wash your pain away
reminiscing deeply missing that which seemed so true
grateful eyes see darkened skies and turn to shades of you
Turn the page
the war was waged
la di da di da
discard the hate trust your fate
It´s the promise of a friend

Souls lie bleeding deeply needing honesty to heal
battles fought the truth was sought by one who dared to kneel
violation, condemnation, medals for your race
inner rage your heart´s the gauge for wiping clean the slate

It´s not the first time
that I´ve been down this road
It´s not the worst time
to spend some time alone

Tured to stone you´re so alone when talking to yourself
judgement passed until at last it´s tossed upon the shelf
burning pride deep inside you sacrifice and then
forces linger the fickle finger of fate it strikes again
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