Letra de Messiah girl

Antigone Rising

Letra de Messiah girl de Antigone Rising
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( Antigone Rising )

Rest assured, the truth it will unwind
could change your mind
make you stop
make you fall out of line
Sit back
start to count your things
what does it mean
how loud does the alarm have to ring?

I lay down you blow
your wind in my soul
you lay down I know

Oh Messiah Girl
Blur my vision
heed your word
Oh Messiah Girl
bruise my ego
rule my world

That Chicago morning burned my eyes
now I am blind
from the brightest light that I´ve ever seen

If I´d read the cards right long ago
might I have known
what the face down hand would bring
you lived while I learned
I bled while you burned
savior save me

Now that you´ve got me on my knees
I beg for mercy
Does it get you off to watch me bleed?
Savior save me
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