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Letra de Why de Angelz
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Letra de Why de Angelz.

( Angelz )

why is it that a guy can make a woman feel so mad then afterwards its the guy who always winds up feeling so bad.
you told me that you loved me and that you'd never cheat me and all i did was trust you and now you just decived me is it just my money that makes you melt down to my knees or is it just my looks didn't even care about personality.(chorus)

i thought i really loved you i thought that we had something going on i must of been dreaming because damn i was wrong i knew something was down i know that there had of been a dance cause it lead to something else thats why i found this number in your pants.(chorus)
don't even say "it just happend" cause i know your lying again whats this girls name was it kim or megan i'm leaving you for good don't even beg me to stay i maid up my mind this time i'm getting away.(chorus 2x)