Letra de Memory or tragedy


Letra de Memory or tragedy de Ambry
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Letra de Memory or tragedy de Ambry.

( Ambry )

Memory or tragedy
the only two ways out
a picture captures memory
or is it just paused tragedy
to look back on
they remind us that its over

i cant wait to look back on me now
look into my own eyes only to see
i failed all expectations
or were they just exaggerations
of a false realization of what i wanted to be

the flash went off
but my dreams werent captured in this moment
taken from my down falling life
what goes up must come down
but where does down go?

where will i be when this picture is next seen
will i be a star thats exploded
and people are just seeing the bright hope from the past
the picture smiles are fake and never last
what does the future hold for me?

the moments that draw blanks
are the ones that make you who you are
locked away but loaded
thats why we wish on shooting stars

ill die trying
ill die trying to forget this
ill try dying
ill try dying to forget this
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