Letra de The saddest grief

Am I Blood

Letra de The saddest grief de Am I Blood
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Letra de The saddest grief de Am I Blood.

( Am I Blood )

Immorality's undoing the scene of malignity
pain was an abetor from cradle through secluded life
all can't be seen
just the shattered dreams
inside of me-exciting me
light of the dawn is as dark as i
Lasting delusion of embrace
i don't know what color is blackness
mistress of the agony refers it
i don't hate you
want you to feed me
Gist of guilt has pacified my innocence
incendiary of immaculate
overdose is near
Bending over limits 'till a dead end
wounding eruption encites me
i'm not waiting for it to leave me
You feel the life only hates
and the frozen stares you take
like an open sight for the saddest grief
set a lust of living drown
depression waiting your arrive
you must pray the lord to forgive
Unlike purity imbibes my charm mirror's serving me
resemblance of illusion and actuality
Lasting delusion..
You feel the life...

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