Letra de Orange

All The Hats

Letra de Orange de All The Hats
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Letra de Orange de All The Hats.

( All The Hats )

Alex got style and is ready for the ride
what´s gonna be tonite?

The world is all around so lets turn ir upside down
what are we waiting no

Singing in the rain they´re going start a fight
tell me if you survive

Better stay in bed, if they knock you count it dead
´Cause no one is safe around

While the drink comes down
for me introduce my mates
we are not afraid
and for sure we can stand
we are looking for reaction
how attractions

Alex got style and is ready for the ride
and what´s gonna be tonite?

Brato I gotta said there is a bullet in your head
Sooner or later son

It´s a violent-ultra-violent
It´s another way of life
tripping on the state
that we´re never quite right
when the things are changing
they go crazy

Oh oh Alex go in on and on and on and on

Like an old old tale
they suprise you
reason trade the way for your actions
Oh oh Alex what´s going wrong?