Letra de Around the block

Alien Ant Farm

Letra de Around the block de Alien Ant Farm
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( Alien Ant Farm )

Wonderful as it may seem,
I´ve never been alone
Open wide and look closely
This is what I´m shown

I´ve got friends in this cold city
That won´t pick up no slack
I´ve got friends on every street
That wanna stab my back
Oh, Oh, oooh

I´ve been around the block, oh oh
So many times I forgot my address
So many times I don´t know where I live

Terrible as it may be
Don´t wanna leave this misery
I´ve got friends in the highest places
They all got their goals
I´ve got friends with two faces
But don´t have one damn soul

I´ve been around this town, oh oh
I´m so high I will never come down
(but) When I do, I hit the hard ground

[1st CHORUS]

Never feel at home
No I don´t
I know it´s true
I´d leave if not for you
Nowhere else to go
I swear baby,
No one´s got no soul no more
No on´es got no soul no more...
Oh, Oh, Ooooh

[2nd CHORUS]
[1st CHORUS]