Letra de Supreme lifestyle

Alien Ant Farm

Letra de Supreme lifestyle de Alien Ant Farm
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( Alien Ant Farm )

Supreme lifestyle
The one I used to hate
The one I used to drive away
My dream stay awhile
I can´t concentrate
I pray you never relate
I see your wicked smile
Haunt me all night long
For that I´ll dance
And sing this song

And when we dance it´s a tragic delight
A tragic delight, oh you said it
And when we´re lost it´s amazing to find
Our way back to life, Oh you said it
Oh you said it

Please, hear me out
I´ve had time to think
Lost myself down in the drink
My needs are screaming loud
I lost everything
And I want it back overflowing
Where is she
When I´m low?
I don´t know but I´ve been told
Silly old woman still got no soul


And I would try for the rest of my days
To make it alright, just to make it okay
But it´s not okay
(Ooh it´s not alright)

How we gonna make it when we know we´re gone?
It´s not that hard we just don´t get along
Are you gonna hear me if I sing this wrong?
Supreme lifestyle, we just don´t get along


Supreme lifestyle
The one I used to hate...