Letra de Hoja en blanco (ingles)

Alexandra Y Monchy

Letra de Hoja en blanco (ingles) de Alexandra Y Monchy
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( Alexandra Y Monchy )

It was impossible to get your souvenir of my mind
it was impossible to forget that some day I love quice

So long way since the day you left
I learned that there are very sad farewell
I never imagined that a train will take on their journey
those illusions that we swore in children
All the saved your feelings in your luggage
quiciste console me and told me I love you

Since then knew I would not of your life
Since then could not figure out if some day returning
friends of the people questioned if returned
di crying back to them I could not say anything

Yesterday I return to my people
Aguiar told me that because you marry
look and tell me if I forgot
I will leave with eyes agnatha

Then ask him to the moon
I got back and I try to hide
to the moon knows that I loved
to the moon even know that you love me

And flies flies for a different course
dreaming dreams and sees that the world is yours
You can no longer fly with me
but my dreams are with you iran
You can no longer fly with me
but my dreams are with you iran

It´s so sad to have to tell you that I forget
another has come to love my life and not love you

It´s too late and I can not deny that I die
quiet but not my words pa ´tell
that you always dream to close my eyes
entonare that for you my sad songs night to night
llorare that without you remember that when I am alone
and to remember that sleep in the arms of another man

I wonder if it still reflects something of my life
if you live in your memory that love for so many years
the man who always has wanted since you girl
crying because the love of his life has married

Was sad to see a train departs
and is in the best of your life
tell me why your farewell
Why did you leave a thousand penalties?

One day I received your letter
quice read it and it was a blank sheet
because of your life I never knew anything
as questions that even if I love you