Letra de Heart on fire

Albert One

Letra de Heart on fire de Albert One
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Letra de Heart on fire de Albert One.

( Albert One )

It´s easy to laugh at my desire
(To laugh at my desire)
Too easy to catch my heart on fire
(Fire, fire, fire)...

When you´re looking so divine
My heart´s in motion
When you slip your hand in mine
I´m in commotion...

Just how I lost my head for you again
I´m not sure, I could tell you
But now you´ve got me down your road again
I´ve lost all track of time...

When you´re near I´m on my knees
In blind devotion
When you´re gone I don´t know where
I´ve got this notion...

And now I´m feeling like a fool again
I´m drowning in desire
I know you´re laughing at the state I´m in
You know it drives me wild...
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