Letra de Lies and rumours

Alannah Myles

Letra de Lies and rumours de Alannah Myles
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Letra de Lies and rumours de Alannah Myles.

( Alannah Myles )

You're playin' with my thunder, heavens knows i sometimes wonder who you are
you're so sweet but on the street, who do you meet when we're apart
i see trouble rollin' off you like rain
but i look up and i see lightning again
between the lies and rumours, there's a world of mystery
but i believe in you, do you believe in me
I fell in love with danger, now i'm going through all these changes by myself
you're too cool to play by the rules, but i can't fool with someone else
people saying things i don't wanna hear
but something tells me we've got nothing to fear
Too many heartaches, too little love, so many reasons for breaking us up
we've got something nobody knows, we got it good, you know i can't let it go
With all the lies and rumours, sometimes you gotta roll the dice
but i believe in you, and your cool blue eyes, baby

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