Letra de Alessa theme

Akira Yamaoka

Letra de Alessa theme de Akira Yamaoka
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Letra de Alessa theme de Akira Yamaoka.

( Akira Yamaoka )

Is it lonely where you are
In there? Dad...

Does the darkness know your name?
Does mom?

What´s it like?...

Can you feel, she said, her blood turns to ash, laughing

Dad, do you know what you´ve done this time to me?


Burning eyes can´t forgive you
Howling moon drives on

Giving me your illusion
What you see in me is...

Did you have that dream again?
At ease... breathe...

You´re receiving what you said, said she...
Never mind.

Emptiness, dead eyes and lost what you found


There on the edge is your hope
But you don´t look down


There you go saying nothing
Is my mind unclear?


Could it be?
Maybe something has a hold of me.

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