Letra de Prince of fire


Letra de Prince of fire de Agressor
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( Agressor )

You're the prince of fire
of the eternal flames
you're guardian of the life
and i burn in your name
you're the blow of the dragons
the resurrection of the phoenix
a strange sheet of smoke
shroud the castle of styx
you're the keeper of the flames in a kingdom of magic
you were born in evil hand, prince of fire
You're waiting for the time
to take your reverse
you want to burn my mind
but what do you wanna change?
you want to destroy me
take care of my power
cos i've got the power with me
if you use your overpower
[repeat chorus]
Now time has come for you
i need your soul, your blood
it's toy the sacrifice
for the mighty prince of haze
he waited sudden for you
and now he's the lord
for the final sacrifice
it's time for you to die
[repeat chorus]

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