Letra de Trying to be cool

Agent Felix

Letra de Trying to be cool de Agent Felix
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( Agent Felix )

Here she comes maybe this time she will notice me
a simple smile or a wave would mean so much
but she´ll just walk right be she never says hello to me
oh well i guess i´m just down on my luck

and i´m trying to be cool
as she walks right by
trying to pretend
that she never caught my eye
as soon as she´s out of sight
i´ll walk home once again
spend the rest of the night
with her vision in my head

and as she´s drawing near
she stops to tie her shoe
here comes the nervousness
of not knowing what to do
i offer her my hand
to help her to get up
tell her that she´s beautiful
and then she tells me she´s in love
with another guy

why does this always happen to me
why are they always so happy
in love with someone else
before i get a chance
what has he got that i don´t have
that i don´t have
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