Letra de Live again


Letra de Live again de Afterdreams
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Letra de Live again de Afterdreams.

( AfterDreams )

When you?re lying on the floor
And can?t find the path of right
You can a ray of light
And your tears are burning

You lose faith and leave it all
Without looking forward
And your future turns dark
And your path turns black

Don?t lose your faith in you
Always keep your hopes
Hold on to your dreams
Cause life always goes on
There?s no way to live twice
You are just what you are
Show the world your shine
Live proud of your life

You are stuck in your cold mind
With your sight on the floor
Blinded by your own hands
Guilty of your own pain

Now your hair has turned grey
Dust in your own Shoulders
For Your mind is now to break
And there?s no turning back
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