Letra de Colt 45


Letra de Colt 45 de Afroman
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Letra de COLT 45 de AFROMAN.

( Afroman )

Colt 45 and 2 zig zags, baby thats all we need
we can go to the park after dark, and smoke that tumbleweed
and when the marijuana burn we can take our turn, singin' them dirty rap songs
stop and hit the bong like, cheech and chong and sell tapes from here to hong kong

so roll ,roll, roll your joint pick out the seds and stems
gettin' high as hell ridin' threw palm dale skatin on jagged rims
so roll roll the 83 cadillac couptaville
if my tapes and my cd's just dont sell I bet my caddy will

now it was just sun down in a small white town they called it westside palm dales
when the afroman walks threw the white land houses went up for sale
now I was down on the corner sellin' rap cd's when I met a little girl named jan
I let her ride in my caddy but I didn't know her daddy was a member of the ku kux