Letra de Bringer of light

Aeons Confer

Letra de Bringer of light de Aeons Confer
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( Aeons Confer )

I was born in a space of eternal night
The stars glow silver bright
Their power is my cosmic pride
And their force enlightens my mind

They´re ancient and mystic and so am I
I asked never why
I rise and reign and so shall it be
Cause it´s all foreseen for me

In vengeance for eternity
I reached supremacy
With my grace the way is clear
I scorn the earth born fear

Atrocities judged with no remorse
Hatred and lunacy, unfading force
A war infernal, disorder eternal
I´m the chosen one

A devious path for awesome prayers
For their journey through the believe ends...HERE

Sober hearts and lost souls trapped in existence
Vicious circles forced by mankind
Without mercy i arose, an aeonic storm overdose
The human empire falls

Infertile their ruptured minds
A troubled space I´ve left behind
I´m the envoy of the stars with the aim to reign this realm
Image of this night seems so cold and pure as ice
Thou shall suffer till the end
Then I rise again

Seduced by an ancient oath
Which was called in the darkest sky above
Where dead angels sing their song
My soul is the fallen one

Eternity reveals the secrets of life
Mortal souls fear under my might

I´m the bringer of light