Letra de Jealousy

Adventures Of Stevie V

Letra de Jealousy de Adventures Of Stevie V
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( Adventures Of Stevie V )

Degradation, aggravation
Jealousy´s my observation
Hard envy, you really send me
Don´t stand close or you´ll offend me

You? the peoples at the door
You know the game, you know the score
Here´s a girl, the bitter pill

You know, I work hard
For the things that I´ve got
You just need to get up off
Your behind and get yourself together

Naw, uh uh, don´t be ragging on me
For trying to do my thing

Human emotion
Share your feelings with the needy
Can´t you see, it´s a drop in the ocean
Why so resentful,

Feel content, no regard for yur brother
With a chip upon your shoulder
Do your best to respect one another
Show compassion if you
Want a slice of action

Oh, jealousy
You want everything that I´ve got
Wanna have your cake and eat it
Jealousy, easier to have than have not
Wanna have your cake and eat it

[Repeat CHORUS]

Yo, the? with the plan
Have respect for your brother man
Why get upset, enjoy success
Run with the pack, forget the rest

Action wasted in your brain
Hard to take, let me explain
If jealousy is your claim to fame
You may be joining my campaign

If you want it, go right out and take it
Feel the sweat on your neck in silence
I enjoy it and the tension, you destroy it

Don´t give a damn,
There´s no limit, boy
You either lose or win it

Leave me scared
My pride, I will swallow
For the living, leave me in
A raging frenzy

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]