Letra de Dolls

Ace Frehley

Letra de Dolls de Ace Frehley
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Letra de Dolls de Ace Frehley.

( Ace Frehley )

When i wake they're always there
waiting just to freely please me
while i wash they're occupied
cleaning things so sweetly neatly
when i play they play with me
willing to do anything
I live me dolls
you must believe me
it's plain to see, they really love me
i love my dolls,
they'll never leave me happily
While i sleep they keep me warm
nestled right beside me, tightly
as i eat they wait on me
making sure i'm satisfied
When friends come over theey're astonished by the sight
so many dolls in just one place gives them a fright
don't understand what makes them so uncomfortable...
around my dolls

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