Letra de Four crossed wands (spell 181)


Letra de Four crossed wands (spell 181) de Absu
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( Absu )

[chorus i:]
i'm the knight of wands-
yodh is in the name
i'm swift and violent:
the fiery part of fire-
i'm a lightning flash
between the symbol,
and the natal force.
[chorus ii:]
she's the queen of wands-
h© is in the name
she's fermenting, yet
the watery part of fire-
she's quick to receive
between the surface,
and the process of (pro) creation.
Kan! king!
51st hexagram
a warrior in complete armor
with wand in the left hand and torch in the right. (181)
Su­! queen!
17th hexagram
her crown is topped with a winged sphere,
and rayed with flames. (181)
[chorus iii:]
he's the prince of wands-
vau is in the name
he's manifesting, but
the airy part of fire-
he's the "dying god!"
between the virtue,
and the leader of his caste.
Y® king! y® king!
42nd hexagram
a shrouded warrior in full-scale armour-
on his chest, he bears the sigil "to mega qhrion."
[chorus ia:]
four crossed wands!
Ž queen! ž queen!
27th hexagram
her crown is surged with a disque of the sun
and once again, rayed with fire.
[repeat chorus ia]
"they observe no regular rule in the ordering of their hearts."
[repeat chorus ia]

[chorus iv:]
she's the princess of wands-
h© is in the name
she's crystallizing, yet
the earthy part of fire-
she's absorbing
between the silence,
and the 10th of may.

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