Letra de The germ factory


Letra de The germ factory de Abramelin
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Letra de The germ factory de Abramelin.

( Abramelin )

Uniformed psychotics, the perfect military cover
acts of malicious murder, supposed laboratory tests
War pawn wheeled on a trolley of steel, primitive future seen through crucified eyes
screams of agony, peeling torture as the six-year-old faces his autopsy
end it now!
released days later to her relief.
frost-bitten hands meet a hot water trough
hastier than mental comprehension, her loose ice-rotten hands are violently torn off
human guinea pigs are subjected to rooms of mutated bacterial plagues
diseased and disfigured beyond recognition, dumped into filthy putrefied graves
Beaten mutilated pulps of crimson meat lay in decaying puddles on the floor
all for logical scientific progression or unthinkable atrocities of a senseless war?
the dawning of a new day, another plague is born.
an airborne septic death machine to leave enemies ravaged and torn
internal organs dissolve to mush, blood coughed up in thickened clots
tumors spreading through the body, your system slowly shuts down...then rots
[repeat chorus]

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