Letra de Forsaken wound


Letra de Forsaken wound de Abiygayil
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Letra de Forsaken wound de Abiygayil.

( Abiygayil )

Forsaken wound
the cut expands
my muscles flex
a drop, then another
soon i am surrounded
by a puddle of red smear
i look around-silence
no one is home-i'm all alone
the wound is open,
the red is smeared
i'm all alone
there's no one here,
the only friend i have is the forsaken wound…(2x)
the light from the candle burns slowly,
the sweet aroma of the incense is met with the stench of blood.
i stare at the open wound dripping
down my arm….
My vision gets blurry
i can't stand up
the room starts spinning
everything's black
i hear a noise
i hear someone scream
i try to open my eyes
but they will not let me see.
i lift my arm above my head
but all i feel is a drop of blood
i feel a prick
but i feel no pain
all of a sudden-
the blood pours down like rain
i strain to see the bright light come near, for there is yahweh standing there
he looks me up; he looks me down
he smiles and lifts my hand up from the
i smile and walk into the light of yod hay wuav hay.
for now the sun is fading away
Chorus: (till the song totally fades)
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