Letra de The real world

Ab Logic

Letra de The real world de Ab Logic
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( Ab Logic )

Is it reality or not.

We don´t .. in the bad times
In the real world the sun don´t shine and so they say
Just maybe another madman going crazy
I´m trying to walk, I´m trying to ...
Mama said that real life is hard
But I will make it to the dark
It´s the sorrow for tomorrow
Cause you´re gonna break my heart again
I´m gonna borrow some of the sorrow
Gonna break my heart again

Is this the real world or is it a dream
Or just the way you make me feel
Is this the real world or just a dream
That I will never see

Another day brings a day to survive
Open your eyes, realize.
Escape the darkness, see the light
Yeah, you gotta do what´s right
If you live for tomorrow then put your hands up
Don´t .................. we´re gonna make it together forever
Through stormy weather in the real world
It´s the sorrow for tomorrow...

Come to the real world, step to the real world

Finally I made three wishes
I can´t stop this crazy feelings
The sorrow put me in the bad moods
Another man with the broken heart
Now I´m left oh hopeless
If I slipped then my feet is gone
Hold up, I´m back on my two feet.
Snap ! It was a dream
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