Letra de San angelo

Aaron Watson

Letra de San angelo de Aaron Watson
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( Aaron Watson )

We´d walk up and down the Concho River
We´d find a soft place to watch the sun go down
So was it me or was it what I could not give you
She left me shattered, my life scattered all around


She said time would heal my broken heart
and I´d find a true companion for my soul
You know she was right, we were wrong
Nothing more than a pretty song
About a boy who loved a girl
In San Angelo

Repeat Intro

When I´d close my eyes, I could hear her singing
In the chapel where she said we´d wed someday
It rattled me so to hear them old church bells ringing
Knowing well enough we´d never love that way

Repeat Chorus

Looking back it was a blessing she broke my heart in two
But if I had never lost her, baby I´d have never found you

Repeat Chorus

About a boy who once loved a girl in San Angelo