Letra de The kindest days

Aaron Sprinkle

Letra de The kindest days de Aaron Sprinkle
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( Aaron Sprinkle )

You right in front of me
Now I can clearly see
All Your greatness
But it separates this
From what I ever heard
You´ve been holding me like a bird
In Your heart and
You´ve kept it guarded
Now that i clearly see
You standing next to me
My loneliness has finally found an ending

I can´t believe
That You´re such a part of me
And after all this time You got through
With Your loving ways
And these have been the kindest days
That I´ve known since I met You

So I will say again
All I have ever been
Is walking backwards
Chasing after
Things that will never be
Able to carry me
Anywhere but to the ground below me


Oh a love that gets underneath my skin
It goes in and shows me the things I´ve been missing
All I know is I want it now
I think about the days when I won´t feel pain