Letra de Iku-turso


Letra de Iku-turso de Aarni
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Letra de IKU-TURSO de AARNI.

( Aarni )

Humans, humans, what do you know of me?
Of the Titan´s pain, of the eternal thirst of the giant
of the smart of the waves, of the panting of sea´s billowing hero?

I disturb the waters, I paddle the ocean
thirst eternal burns in my breast
I drink forever, forever for my thirst
never ceases my heart´s fire

I open my jaws, I swallow waves
they dry as they enter my throat
I pursue maidens, flowers of the waves
they die entering my breast

I rouse up a storm, I drink land and sea
and the planks of a wrecked ship
golds, pearls, also human blood
and the bosoms of young maidens
the eternal suction of my soul never stops
never wets my crimson tongue.

On strange moonlit August nights
I rise my weary head
I fix my glowing green eyes
onto a glimmering star
Spies the star
I, giant, stare
soon I will overcome that one on high
Falls the golden sphere of the welkin
then I drink it like I would a swan

The fire of my dark heart will not die
the furnace in my head will not cool.

There´s a void above
and a void below
and infinity even within.
I beseech for freedom, I yearn for the light
and I burn for the beauty of the welkin
but I cannot be freed of dire distress
I can rise my head, yet the rest remains entombed in dirt.

If you feel the pain, god-cursed someone
join me in cursing the gods!