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Letra de Good idea de A
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Letra de GOOD IDEA de A.

( A )

Good Idea [x6]

1% is all I hate
The other 99 I rate
Things that make me feel like I´m alive, woah...

Rocky One, summer sun, 10 foot of snow, big theme parks
I said Columbo, easy b-sides, and royalty cheques, happy hours

Problem is we don´t have long
The list is longer than the song
Please don´t miss the point and say I´m wrong, oh...

Tony Hawk, fat cigars, concrete skate parks, lyric swappin´
Body poppin´, Jedi mind tricks, and mountain songs, sell out gigs
Ian Wright and satellite are

Good Idea [x8]

Give me a G-O-O-D
Give me an I-D-E-A

Good Idea