Letra de Blue sky


Letra de Blue sky de A
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Letra de BLUE SKY de A.

( A )

I find hard to breathe

As life just eats away

At the faces that surround me

They look tired today

The lady at my table

Doesn´t want me here

I just want to talk to her

But would she laugh to my accent

And make fun of me

It doesn´t seem like

The blue sky´s here for me

There are no girls in here

As far as I can see

Only pin-up posters

Looking down at me

Watching papercups of coffee

Growing cold before my eyes

All the things I see

That makes me realize

I´m in this big world without you

Nothing tomy name

I never knew that

Blue sky meant such pain

I´m dying to be different

In the coffee shop

I lived to double strength

Now my supplies are cut

Oh, I´m older than my looks

And older than my years

I´m too young to take on

My deepest fears

I used to be confused

But now I just don´t know

Since you left I´ve been watching

Blue skies come and go