Letra de Lmost everything is gret


Letra de Almost everything is great de A
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( A )

You´ve killed it off
I can´t believe the things you´re telling me
I hope you´re joking
I can´t take this seriously

What a stupid question!
What are you on about?
Every time there´s a loop hole you can´t make me
What a good reaction
I don´t know what to say
You got [x7]
me fooled

Take it as a friend
Yeah, like you want one

It´s time I smashed up my piggy bank
It´s no good ´cos it´s made out of concrete
Here I am making pounds to give away
So what are your fivers in advance

What a stupid question!
I don´t know the answer
It´s not fair
Not oh yeah, yeah you´ll make me
I bet you can´t stop laughing
I bet your my last hope
You got- [x7] me fooled

Looking back
Almost everything was great

For a second you almost ruined everything
For a while it was too good to be true

Looking back
Almost everything is great
Take it all on board
Almost everything is great

Can you understand? [x6]