Letra de Lostaday

A.r. Kane

Letra de Lostaday de A.r. Kane
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Letra de LOSTADAY de A.R. KANE.

( A.R. Kane )


And it seems like i´ll stay
And it seems like i´m going to stay, yes
Yes it seems like i´ll stay
But it feels like i lostaday, yeah

Found me a new love fresh like a running stream
All but "here today" seems like a hazy dream
This moment holds it all and holds me in between
Now i´m feeling
Inside, feeling inside
Escaping time

I´m going to love you
Like nobody ever did before
Like a breeze through an open door
On a sunny sunny day
This love is cool
Gonna blow your tears away
Blow your tears away
That´s all i have to say

Sunday into monday, lost another day
Tuesday held me close and watched me swoon and sway
I remember wednesday like a shakespear play
We could be r´ & j´
A very tragic way
Thursday you´re a siren deep inside the week
Friday like a shipwreck lying at your feet
Saturday we met now i can hardly speak of
How i´m feeling
Inside, feeling inside
Dissolve my mind
Inside, feeling inside
Say "lovers blind"
But i don´t mind.