Letra de Cutthroat

A Cutthroat Kiss

Letra de Cutthroat de A Cutthroat Kiss
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( A Cutthroat Kiss )

Take your eyes and see me now
Before I take what you took of me
Lay my head on bloodless hands tonight
Drown in tears the clear but poison wine

Well I need what you owe
Will you pay me back in bandaged covered wrists
Don´t you know
The feeling of a cutthroat lover´s kiss
Please don´t go
Breaking other hearts just like this, just like this

Cause I´m the only one who sees you in the darkness of the night
And even though we´re distant, I dream of you despite,
the sickle in between us, that ruins and divides
And even though your gone I´ll love you all of my life.