Letra de The void

A Canorous Quintet

Letra de The void de A Canorous Quintet
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( A Canorous Quintet )

Horrified by the magic of night
i'm enchanted under the spell
in pain i scream once again
the pain i thought that i would feel
it came upon me early this time
[*] i try to escape into the void
into my nomansland
how else would i survive [x2]
trapped in the spidersweb
she who will eat out my heart
leaves he with laughters of malice
As many nights before
i fear it's my dying breath
still i do this with pleasure
although i know it's pointless and useless
i end up witn tne poison
running through my veins
(doomed to) eternally suffer
eternally die
eternally arise
immortal in my suffering [x2]
I try to escape into the void
into my nomansland
now else would i survive
The void [x2]