Letra de Pedestal

A Blinding Silence

Letra de Pedestal de A Blinding Silence
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( A Blinding Silence )

don´t know what i was thinking
placing you so high above everyone else
i should have stopped myself
such a tragic waste you are
such a broken thing
i don´t know how i let it get this far.

i don´t think we can go on

so run along,
i´m not the one you need
i´m full of grief for we´ve
gone too far.

placed you on that pedestal
expected things that i should have
known you could never be.
shown have known it from the start.
could have ended there,
fear of being alone
let it get this far

i don´t think we can go on like this

we´ve hurt each other for so long
we´ve had our chances,
we´ve done our dances,
and it´s in my hands to do what´s right.
to end the fight
i know this will hurt

but i know we can´t go on

so run along
i´m not the one you need
i´m full of grief for we have
gone too far
my love is over now
the well, it has run dry
my patience has run thin
the time has come
so long