Letra de Nu world (en ingles)


Letra de Nu world (en ingles) de A(ace)
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Letra de Nu world (en ingles) de A(ace).

( A(ace) )

Predicting the broken world
Blocking this ear from the voice of the Degenerating Angel
In my heart, the drew future
Can´t choose between the tarrot and dice

Widen this wings, tied by the freedom
Piercing off and escaping

The sound of thunder in faraway
Incenerate the light in the earth
Aim at the storm in order to be strong than today
This heart will lead the way, GO WAY
I have no choice but fall if I stop
Step in this nameless road that I don´t concerned with
Even I get hurted, at the end of this journey
I will reach the NU WORLD

On the unending swirl of desire
Erasing the dream of the prophet
This helix memory is continue in the infinity
I´ll shake it immediately

For the exchange of the formless map
I´ll hold it with this hands

Going through the closed cloud
Everything will going to be melted by the sun
For today, the number of tears is more than the number of the storm
It´s look like will be less in tomorrow, GO WAY
I won´t turn back ´till the end
And will awaking the strengh to fly out
Before the time when I step my pace faraway
That shape is looking at the NU WORLD

Fly so high
Across the universe yeah
We get place to shine in brand new world
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