Letra de The real fast car

5 Chinese Brothers

Letra de The real fast car de 5 Chinese Brothers
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( 5 Chinese Brothers )

I wish i had me a turbo-engine rocket-fuel jet car
Don't know where i'd go but i sure know that i'd go far
Head a million miles from here, find myself a new home
What if that place turns out to be the same as the place from which i
What if i've got it good here and i don't even know?
What if that's why i'm still here when i really want to go?
I want to get away, i want to stay
I want to be free, i want you to build your world around me
I wish i could understand the meaning of my dreams
I wish i could write a song as good as visions of johanna
When i do will the heavens open and the angels sing hosanna?
I mean, how will i know i've done it? how will i realize?
When i sing it will a vision of you dance before my eyes?
And having something like that i'd have to try to top
Might be even worse than never having not no!
I wish i could hear what i'm saying now and smile
All the same, i haven't finished a song in a long, long while
I dreamed the world was crumbling all around me
There in the rubble on the ground you found me
And i pull you tight i want to hold you close
At the same time i can't stay, i've got to go
And there's that car but it's all out of gas
I can tell by the speedometer it's the kind that goes real fast
I could be someone, be someone, you know i surely could
If i could stand on the rock where moses stood
Chorus twice