Letra de Horizon

38th Parallel

Letra de Horizon de 38th Parallel
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( 38th Parallel )

Another day burns away into darkness
Another blink of the eye of time I
am straining through the blackness
Ever searching for a sign The days grow
long and the days grow dark And the

days grow ever colder The trust that
I started with fades as I get older
Though the road is hard It seems to me
there is no way around this From all
you've done for me I know you'll never
break your promise

So here at the end of this day Where
the world is shaded in gray I will
look to blue horizons and watch for
you to come When my hope is tattered
and torn When my faith is weathered and

worn I'll look to the blue horizons I
am still walking, evading the shadows I
am still running that narrow line I would
go wherever you would have me go
Ever searching for a sign