Letra de Case of the misplaced mic


Letra de Case of the misplaced mic de 2pac
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( 2Pac )

They finally did it (what's that?)
They stole the mic i grip
Now that it's gone (what's wrong?)
I'm feelin tired and sick (how did they do it?)
I don't know i wasn't sleepin that long
When i woke up (what happened brother?)
My microphone was gone
At first i panicked (how?) i put the cops on the case
But they were stuck (damm?) without a clue or a trace
So sure as smokin cigarettes is bad for your health
If i want my microphone back i'll find it myself
So i picked up the phone (for what?)
I called dizzy
Dizzy: what's up?
My mic is gone
Dizzy: word?
Let's get busy
Before i could tell dizzy what i wanted to do
He was over at my house with the tms crew
He said
Dizzy: word is out in every mouth
In the street now that your mic is gone
It's not long until your beat
And then it hit me (damm)
I got a battle at six
Without my microphone i'm guaranteed to get whipped
You might think it's unbelivable but word to the strength
When it comes to rockin rhymes i'm a musical nymph
They gave me other mics but yo it wasn't no use
I tried to rock one two one two
But i couldn't get loose i said forget it
My microphone or not i gotta do it
Give it all that i go (what if u loose?) it be the first time i lost
But if i beat em i'll finally prove i'm the boss
I grabbed my leather jacket walked through the streets
Suckers was hopin and preyin strictly dope would get beat
I begin to get hyped i was ready to fight
Yo i was confident that i'd win
To hell with the mic
I hopped up to the stage dizzy started the beat
Suckers shivered cause he tasted defeat
Then i signaled to dizzy bust a rhyme off my head
Perpetrator fell back (huh?) and then he was dead
I was happy as hell cause i was lucky that nite
Put my hand in my pocket and there was my mic
The case of the misplaced mic
Strictly dope in the house