Letra de Coochie dance

20 Fingers Ft. Gillette

Letra de Coochie dance de 20 Fingers Ft. Gillette
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( 20 Fingers Ft. Gillette )

Dance, coochie dance (2x)
(chorus) c´mon take a chance,
shake yo pants,
do that coochie dance (2x)

(1) damn that show looks good to me,
I like it, love it, yu know I gotta have more of it.
ladies, ya wanna flip the skirt?
ladies, ya wanna see a dick?
now fellas, it´s yo chance,
to show us you can coochie dance


damn boy, you got me hot
baby don´t stop till ya hit the spot,
step on up and take ya shot.
Let´s see that coochie pop

yeah, yeah
body, body!
Lemme see yu shake yo body

we like the boys in the back
when they move it like that (3x)

yo fellas, take it off, take it off, take it off (4x)

around the world it´s like an earthquake
shake, baby shake,
but don´t let it break,
just put yo hands against yo hips
swing side to side, just let it rip!

Hey, we wanna party! (8x)

repeat (1)

repeat "do that coochie dance" till the end
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