Letra de So right

2 Black 4 U

Letra de So right de 2 Black 4 U
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Letra de SO RIGHT de 2 BLACK 4 U.

( 2 Black 4 U )

I wanna hold you tonight
Wanna I lose myself in your arms
Make love to you so right

You think that I stop now
The show, who you are
You think it´s too enough
Too enough go too far
But if you believe
That you could love me
Baby why don´t you
Keep inside of me

I know you is so younger
You like to hand out
You´re priestly to know
What is all about?
I tell you is fun
To love underground
Music and good things
Just become

So right...

See how I love you
I love you I do
Is all in your hands
Is all in to you
And if you believe
As sweet it could be
Just take it change it and come oh with me

For the rest of my life
When I like you part
Like a start
It´s feeling it´s so right