Letra de Fraility

10 Years

Letra de Fraility de 10 Years
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Letra de FRAILITY de 10 YEARS.

( 10 Years )

Discomposed as a whole
A kindred gift
Barely possessed
Struggles with lack of control
Meet our mistakes, and put on display
Stone me like a martyr
Making it much harder
Time just might beat out my will to overcome

A simple touch
All of this longing
Hollowed out longings of chimera

Bend and fold
Reform the shape
Force into place
Cant uphold
Devouring the author weakening their order

Envious a simple touch
Hold tight
Why´s this even questioned at all?
Why´s this even questioned at all?

Turning around, crawling with vengeance,
Tempts me
Tearing around tearing it out