Letra de Bury me

(hed) P.e.

Letra de Bury me de (hed) P.e.
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Letra de BURY ME de (HED) P.E..

( (Hed) P.E. )

I'm so intoxicated
i feel supernatural
i'm so illuminated
so unpredictable
i'm comin' for you
Turn my key
wash my sins for me
breathe my air
shatter me – shatter me
break my bones
you cut me open
dig my hole
bury me – bury me
i'm so fascinated
you're so intellectual
so sophisticated
so unpredictableÂ…
i'm comin' for you
I've got to be free
free to fall down
down to the earth
i know what i want
what i want is truth
the truth is in you
so emancipated
and extra special
so impermeated
so unpredictable
i'm comin' for youÂ…