Letra de Over thunk

A Riverside Epic

Letra de Over thunk de A Riverside Epic
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Letra de Over thunk de A Riverside Epic.

( A Riverside Epic )

It´s gonna be a while
´till I find my why home,
no time to reconcile or for
me to be shown any other way
than that of my own.

Sure I´d love to stay
but there´s along way to go.
Could it be the way the clouds
come into shapes of things all
to familiar to me and as the rain
comes down I get hit in the eye
as if someone´s trying to tell me

It´s been a long time coming
since I´ve been running from the
places of my past. Will I ever be
able to understand how the past
has affected where I am now...
but then I grind my wheels down
to a hault to look up at the sky
and realize that I´m thinking too much.
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