Letra de Pendulum

A Bloody Canvas

Letra de Pendulum de A Bloody Canvas
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Letra de Pendulum de A Bloody Canvas.

( A Bloody Canvas )

The pendulum swings in slow symphony with my heart or your moods, no matter how far we seem to drift we´ll always come back to the center and i´ll always come back to your arms. Let´s put tonight behind us, at least until it happens again and we do the same thing. This pendulum sways through those sweaty summer days when we aren´t allowed inside but we go in anways, just to stay cool.

Just to stay cool. It seems as though we drag along with the motions of a pendulum, back and forth, back and forth and back to the center. Back to your arms. Back to how things should be. Back to the way a pendulum should swing, swaying ever so carefully towards the edge but always coming back.
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