Letra de Everybody killa


Letra de Everybody killa de X-raided
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( X-Raided )

One foot in a grave and eleven inches insane
i got it, a lunatic causing other mothafuckas pain
devil saw the x-raided with much heart
down on a killing spree, come up missing on a milk carton
kick back and laugh, another nigga get toe-tagged
if you ain't from the blocc, you live in a bodybag
straight from the south side, watch out for the butcher knife
cause niggas i know live down the deuce-fo' life
locs on my face, not takin'em off for a fucking thang
cops on my ass, based on a fact that i gang bang
another description is a nigga with a mental problem
my lifetime occupation will be squabing
dangerous lunatic always down for a rampage
fuck a hand gun, i'm the one with the 12-gauge
ain't no words for me, i'm a straight out psychopath
i rip out your liver and then i give my boys half
slapped ya ass based on a fact you was a punk
cap in ya face and another corpse to the city dump
committing crime and never taking a second look
to tell the truth: a nigga from sac is another crook
illing for the fact i got my hand on some 8-ball
so when i starts to tumble then another nigga takes a fall
so in my next life i think i be a grave digga
fuck it, i'm an everybody killa!

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