Letra de Top contender


Letra de Top contender de X-pose
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( X-Pose )

Verse:so real gold grill, stand tall to ball, kickin in doors bout to rob em all,
see me swang on 4's to the nearest mall alot of niggas dont really like the shots i call.
they be ready to fight , saying thats not right, why my rocks gotta shine get to shine so bright
and my double bubble eyes get to glow in the night,
and top it off with a cherry, im higher then a kite,
all the time i be always flippin,
never be slippin because im woodgrain grippin,
cause a riot between the pen i be pimipin,
and the girls the motha fuccin club who be strippin,
poppin the pills to make my reflex slow,
pushin the lex lettin my bicips show,
thinkin you real to survive the x pose,
you run up fast to feel the 44's,
for show you know i go when i seen in my jaugar,
drippin paint on my foreign car,
no way that i'll be broke cause my paper run far,
those are the results of dhr,
could it be takara or could it be linda,
could it be michelle or could it be brenda,
if my hood fall i'll never surrender,
so hoes better remember im the top contender
Chrous: t-o-p-c-o-n-t-e-n-d-e-r, makin it work im the top contender.

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